What is Veedi?

A FREE walkthrough video service for any game!

Whether you created a game or you have a popular gaming site, you can use Veedi to stream thousands of walkthrough videos and generate high revenue per views.

Are you ready to see amazing results?


What can Veedi do for me?

The unique Veedi HTML5 Player is the ultimate add-on product for any publisher, site owner or game developer. The Veedi Player enriches your site with high quality content that is proven to boost user engagement.
Players will interact more and play for longer than ever before, making your site an exciting hub for gamers. Once Veedi Player is embedded in your site, you'll see instant improvements in performance.


High Quality

  • 9,000+
    full HD video walkthroughs
  • Premium content
    that enhances almost any game experience.
  • Increase time on site by

User Experience

  • Double speed viewing
  • Skip to different levels from the Level Index
  • Fully customizable
    adapt to your site
    colors & theme


  • Earn
    revenue share
  • Benefit from
    player CTR
  • Increase
    site revenue up to


  • 5-minute
    setup process
  • Innovative
    cross-browser player
  • Auto optimized
    Content system
9000+ hours of HD content
Over 50 Publisher Partenrships
Over 250 Sites using Veedi
Millions of Happy End-Users
  • Spil Games
  • Yepi
  • Booster Media
  • FOG
  • Clickjogos
  • poki.com
  • Jeu.info
  • pomu
  • Michiel van Amerongen
    Co-founder at Poki

    "Our users love Veedi's tutorials"

  • Yepi

    Roy Tzayag
    Head of Mobile Content and Strategy at Yepi

    "Using Veedi has increased our users engagement, loyalty and revenues significally!"

About Us

We help gaming site owners increase player engagement with high quality walkthrough videos.


If you...

Then you need the Veedi walkthrough Video player!

As seasoned gaming site owners ourselves, we once struggled to find cost-effective ways to get players to stick around and play more too.

After trying pretty much everything, we finally discovered a sure-fire way to captivate the attention of our players - with entertaining video content they love to watch as they play!

That's when we created Veedi, a free service that lets you stream thousands of walkthrough videos on your site and generate high revenues for every view.


Set up Veedi in just 5 minutes.

Once you embed the Veedi player in your site you'll instantly see an improvement in your sites statistics due to the increased amount of time gamers will spend on your site. All you have to do is copy the Veedi embed code and paste it into your site pages. Our experienced development team will take care of everything else for you behind the scenes.

Full implementation guide

Design that fits like a glove...

We can easily change the colors and style of the Veedi Player to perfectly match your site's look and feel. Veedi player would be represented as your own property in user's perspective. No more odd-looking components in your site

Fully Responsive for Any Mobile Platform

Veedi Player offers the same, high-quality viewing experience on the web and on any gaming platform.

Mobile Web

Mobile Web

  • In-Widget Integration
    Keeps players on games pages during views.
  • Exclusive and premium
    ads infrastructure
  • Visual skin for a perfect fit to your game pages
  • Unique
    HTML5 Technology
  • 100%
    Responsive layout

    Any size, any orientation
Mobile Web

Native mobile applications

  • Monetization
    Built in.
  • Available as:
    Android SDK
  • In-game viewing
    Keeps players in your app
  • New Revenue Channel
  • Increases User Engagement
  • Coming soon:
    Unity3d plugin, IOS SDK

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